5-Minute Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit List


Today on The Bride Link, we are giving you everything you need for your Five Minute Wedding Day Emergency Kit! So what does that mean? A five-minute emergency kit? If you've completely forgotten to get your emergency kit together before your wedding day, don't worry! If you only have five minutes to throw everything together, here are a few suggestions for some must-haves that you need to include! 


1. All Required Medication

Sometimes we're so caught up in something that might happen. We forget about the things that we consistently do. If you're on any prescription medication or anybody in your wedding party, your fiance, close parents, or friends, make sure that they're going to be bringing it with them. It's especially crucial if it's a life-saving medication like an EpiPen. Don't forget to throw in some extra meds in there because a raging headache on your wedding day can occur. Things like Tylenol, eye drops, allergy relief...




How to Arrange Your Wedding Processional

You’ve planned everything for your big day and maybe just forgot one little detail. How will you and your wedding party walk down the aisle?! What is your wedding ceremony order?! Don’t you worry, another second! Today, this video focuses on the traditional way to order your wedding processional, and then we’re going to tell you how to personalize it! But first, grab a free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet to help you finalize your plan!

Processionals are all about preplanning, practice, and timing. Keep these in mind when customizing what order to walk down the aisle. Keep in mind there is not an official way order for how to plan your wedding ceremony entry and exit; do what feels right to you! Sexes don’t matter, but there should be a lead side of the family. Be consistent with this across groups.

First, decide to include grandparents into your processional.

If you have elected to include your grandparents, start...




Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about getting ready on your wedding day! Watch our quick video for handy bridal suite tips to help with wedding day prep. How you get ready on your wedding day can have a considerable effect on keeping to your timeline! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Linen and Layout Guide! It can be difficult to know what size tables you need, how many guests fit at each, and what size linens to order. Fortunately, our cheat sheet gives you all the information you will need!


1. Make sure you have an early night.

With all of the nerves and excitement running through your body, it may take you a little longer to drift off to sleep. Make sure you call it in early the night before. Play calming music and take your mind off of everything that'll help you slip into sleep.


2. Have all the essential items ready to go.

The night before your wedding you should gather all the necessary things and put them in a...


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about tips for wedding photography! There are so many factors to consider! Don't let yourself get stressed out when mulling over wedding photography styles or wedding photography packages! Use our helpful tips to identify the traits you want and what to ask your wedding photographer. Our wedding photography tips will help you determine the best choice! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist! Be prepared for anything that may pop up the day of!

What is their preferred style?
From light and airy to dark and moody, and everything in between, most photographers have a distinctive style. There are many different photography styles to choose from, and a photographer is rarely going to change their style to match your expectations. So when you're considering somebody, talk to them about their characteristics.

Speak to them about the types of photos that they take. Some...




Tips For A Wedding

How To Stay On Budget

Today on The Bride Link, expert planning tips for a wedding, specifically how to stay on budget! Budgeting for your wedding is extremely important and our easy tips on wedding planning will save you time and money but, most importantly, stress. These sensible planning tips will help keep your wedding on budget. Don't forget to grab your free copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist to help ensure you're ready for anything!


1. Determine the type of wedding that you want to have.

Where will it be held? What type of wedding will it be? How many guests do you think you want to invite? All of these are going to have a significant impact on your budget. A smaller wedding focusing on fewer guests can help your budget go further. Venue selection and catering represent a large portion of the money you'll spend. So, the more guests you invite, the more space you'll need, and the more food you have to buy. All of this means...




Why You Shouldn't Hire Friends to Work Your Wedding

Today we're talking all about why you should not hire your friends to work at your wedding. Don't fall for this common wedding mistake couples make to save on costs! Having friends or family work the day of your event is one of the biggest wedding regrets couples experience.

Join us for valuable tips and a few stories about what we've seen as wedding planners when couples ask their friends to work the event. For expert wedding planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Floral Guide Cheat Sheet! From bouquets to centerpieces, this guide can help you figure out all the florals may you need for your wedding

The number one reason you shouldn't hire your friends to work your wedding is they may not be as experienced as a professional wedding vendor.

Even though they might be giving you a good deal or gifting you their services for free, you might not be getting the level of service you should expect. Services like photography, DJ,...


Lavender Elegant Barn Wedding

Styled shoots have become commonplace in the wedding industry and we love seeing and reading about them. Not only do they help wedding vendors get their name out there, but they also provide the perfect wedding inspiration for brides. This Lavender in love styled shoot is giving off barn vibes with pure modern elegance and that is exactly what Talia from Four 26 Events envisioned when she planned this styled shoot. While the barn venue trend is very popular, there are couples that may not want such a rustic feel. The decor you choose will be your best friend when changing the feel of your venue. Just a touch of modern can go a long way with elevating your wedding at a barn venue!

Water's Edge at Tart Farms is a charming barn wedding venue located in Benson, North Carolina, and this place is such a gem. With the property being on 23 acres, this venue offers plenty of indoor and outdoor event spaces suitable for different wedding occasions. If you are looking for a breath-taking...





Congratulations! You're engaged, and you've realized your wedding is approaching quickly! Suddenly, you're at the stage in the planning process where it starts to get real—when to send Save the Dates outs. Not sure where to get started? The Bride Link can help! Watch our video this week to learn when to send out save the dates and what to include! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to help kickstart your planning!

Sending out your wedding Save the Dates should happen roughly six months before your wedding (or eight, in the case of a destination wedding or an all-weekend event). It's the required time to approximate your guest list, but not too far in advance that your guests will forget to mark off the date on their calendars. It's essential to give them advance enough notice to begin arranging any necessary requests for time off and travel plans.

Your Save the Dates should include your names, your wedding...




How To Start Your Wedding Registry

Congratulations, you're engaged! The moment you announce your engagement to family and friends comes one common question: Where are you registered? Don't freak out! Starting your wedding registry is as easy as online shopping. Learn how and where to begin receiving wedding gifts from your loved ones, popular wedding registry sites, and other wedding registry ideas. Be sure to register at different stores and create an online wedding registry that offers unique wedding registry items.

Use these simple instructions to register for weddings at Walmart or Amazon, both online and in-store. Find out what you should register for and how to identify those items. Now you can start your wedding registry with ease! But first, don't forget to grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to help your planning process!



Make a list. It will make building your registry experience a whole lot easier. If you don't...


Romantic Lakeside Wedding

With many couples having to postpone or change their wedding due to COVID-19, backyard and outdoor weddings have been pretty popular this year. Just like many couples, Laura and Kyle had to postpone their wedding and decided to have a romantic lakeside wedding at Anna Cabana, a little spot on Lake Anna with the best water views as the backdrop located in Bumpass, Virginia. This beautiful wedding was intimate and filled with so many DIYs that you would think professionals did it! Everything about this wedding was personal and perfect, so if you are looking to have a backyard wedding and needing some DIY inspiration then keep on reading!

Laura and Kyle’s wedding ceremony was filled with many unique details, beautiful bright sunflowers, and blue accents. I mean, look at their wedding arbor, it was absolutely breathtaking! Laura wore a stunning more traditional lacy, princess wedding dress from David’s Bridal, and her bridesmaids wore steel blue dresses that complimented...


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