Seven Tips For Your Winter Wedding

Seven Tips For Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be straight out of a fairytale with many versatile ideas to choose from. Here are our seven tips to kickstart your creative process! Don't be afraid to incorporate your own touches to create a final look that just screams you!

1. Keep Your Guests Warm

This one is easy! There are plenty of options to ensuring your guests are cozy despite cooler weather on your wedding day. From handing out blankets as favors, the use of candles (they actually give off a good amount of heat when used inside!) to including a hot chocolate bar, a winter wedding allows for creativity as you and your guests celebrate during one of the most beautiful times of the year. It's already such a joyful time! 


2. Vintage Winter Wedding

If you and your loved one desire a unique theme, a vintage winter wedding is a stunning choice. A natural palette with pops of color is key! Features such as antique lace with...


Keeping Guests Warm During Your Winter Wedding


Today on The Bride Link, we want to give you just a few tips on how to keep your wedding guests cozy should you be having a fall or winter wedding! 

First things first, let's talk about warm cozy beverages. You could do a crockpot full of hot cocoa or warm cider and offer this to your guests during pre-ceremony or throughout the entire night. 

Another option is an obvious one, and that is to rent heaters from your local rental company. They can run a couple of hundred dollars, maybe more plus delivery fees and you'll have to plan in advance if you want them. So you're kind of gambling on weather, but they definitely do make a big difference in this space, especially if you're using like a tent or another area that might be as open. 

The next option is to get a tent, especially a tent with sides. This can trap in a lot of body heat and keep things extra warm, especially during the winter months. A tent plus heaters is even better! Definitely offers the absolute best...


Seven Wedding Linen Color Ideas for Fall

Alexan Events

 There’s nothing quite like fall with its cool and crisp air, amber skies, and gorgeous foliage. It’s no wonder the changing autumnal landscape is considered one of the most beautiful times to get married.  Fall weddings are all about evoking the lush natural tones of the season and bringing warmth and depth to the celebration. And there’s no better way to achieve this look than through your wedding linens and fabrics.

If you’re planning to tie the knot in autumn, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous color palettes for your wedding linens.


Red + Orange Mix

 Fall weddings bring to mind rich reds and bright oranges. When it comes to wedding linens, however, according to BBJ Linen’s article about rustic wedding ideas, color mixed fabrics that won’t compete with the setting. Opt for reds imbued with deep purple and hints of metallic gold that honor the season’s variations. This adds a...


The 10 Best Love Songs For Weddings

Many things come together to make a perfectly beautiful wedding, and one of those things is the right music for every aspect of the wedding. Being the union of two people in love, most of these songs will no doubt be love songs. While religious weddings sometimes also have religious music in their playlist, that list would be incomplete without including some of the best love songs in the mix. 

Choosing the soundtrack for your wedding is a very integral part of wedding planning because the music sets the tone of the entire event. The way you would want everything to go smoothly is the same way you wouldn’t want to miss a beat where the music is concerned because the right music is able to tie everything together seamlessly. From soothing entrance music to romantic songs, dance songs, you would need a great playlist for a great wedding. This is why we have put together some of the best love songs for him and her for meaningful music that can be...


Top Trending Colors For MOB Dresses

Top Trending Colors For MOB Dresses

We’re always on the lookout for trending styles and colors each and every month! One of the most important factors in choosing the right dress is making sure you’re wearing a color that’s in for the season! Being a Mother of the Bride is often a once in a lifetime experience, so take plenty of time to find the perfect dress!

We often dread going to the usual department stores, endlessly searching the racks for not only the right dress but also the right fit, color, style, and material. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus! Have no fear ladies! Using our handy color guide can narrow your search and help eliminate color options that aren’t ideal.


Here are the top tending colors this fall. Finding beautiful dresses should be a breeze! Chat with your family to decide which hues best match the color scheme you’ve targeted. Remember, don’t be afraid to take chances and...


Event Lighting Rentals: Bright Event Productions

The Bride Link is excited to feature one of our newest members. Bright Event Productions offers wedding lighting and production rentals in Tennessee!


“We’re a full-service production company,” says Rebecca Tamer,  “From unique chandeliers, romantic string lighting, mobile stages, projectors, generators, and basic power needs. We are so excited to be in the East Tennessee market! We cannot wait to make more vendor friends, meet more couples and add to the wonderful wedding professionals already located in this area.”

Every Bright Event quote is custom made and tailored to each individual client. They take pride in their design process! A project manager reviews each layout to ensure safety and verify the overall look can and will be met. No two events are ever the same. Bright Events want to ensure each couple's wedding is tailored to their specific look!


“We always make sure the look our clients want is possible. The look of satisfaction on...


Creating A Wedding Day Timeline: Photography


Thank you so much to Al for joining us and sharing his insight! Mile Marker Images can be reached at any of the links below.

Contact Us 

Mile Marker Images - The Bride Link


Honour Lee: Wedding and Event Photography

Honour Lee Photography wants to capture those “once in a lifetime" shots.


“Our goal is to preserve these important moments,” says Honour, “We want our couples to relive them every time they see it. Our passion is in every facet of what we do! It’s why all weddings we photograph, the brides receive a locket with their favorite wedding photo inside. They also receive a custom made flash drive with their wedding date engraved on it. We also donate a portion of our profit to the couple's charity of choice.  If they do not have a charity then I donate to the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation. My grandson was born with this disorder, so it is dear to my heart in finding a cure.” 


The Bride Link is proud to feature Honour Lee Photography, this team has been capturing once in a lifetime moments since 2010! “We serve all couples with open arms. and love working with both local clients or those choosing to come to the...


Five Simple Ways To Add A Personal Touch to Your Wedding Favors

Weddings are truly a memorable affair not just for the wedded couple but also for everyone who attends. Taking your vows in front of your guests, who are likely your family and close friends, makes the celebration more special.

Express your gratitude through your wedding favors. While you can always stick to traditional and generic ones, it’s always more sincere if they’re personalized.


Add a personal touch to your thank-you gifts, and your guests will surely keep them even when the wedding festivities are over.

Don’t know how to do it? Be inspired by these five unique ideas.

  1. Succulents That Lead the Way

Succulents make a cute desk and home decor, they are therefore the perfect wedding favors. They’re small, easy to carry, and low-maintenance. Guests will never miss them in the venue and forget to take them home (unless they’re too tipsy from all that wine).

Personalize your succulents by engraving your and your partner’s initials...


Wedding Hair and Makeup: Southern Sirens

If you’re looking for wedding hair and makeup services for your event, try Southern Sirens!


“We’ve been in the wedding industry for 7 years now,” says Amanda McKnight, owner, “We’re grateful to be an established business thanks to our community, clients and amazing employees. We want all couples who consider us to know we’re just fun-loving, laid back ladies who want you to truly enjoy your experience. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed around us. Being relaxed is the easiest way to have fun and your wedding day should be A LOT of fun! Sure, there are some parts that can be stressful but overall, at the end of the day, you are marrying the person that you love, and that's really all that matters.”


“In addition, our team is made up of licensed beauty professionals who specialize in providing hairstyles and airbrush makeup. Our style is to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. Most of our brides prefer a more...


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