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Vendor Checklist for Weddings and The Right Order To Hire


Creating A Wedding Vendor Checklist

Let's talk about what wedding vendors you'll need and the best order to hire them! When you're just getting started planning your wedding, it's essential to have a wedding vendor checklist list to refer to. We can help! Use the order below to create a vendor checklist for your wedding, complete with suggestions for a hiring timeline! You can also score your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to start planning your wedding ceremony!


The very first thing you should choose is your venue. 

The most obvious way to start your wedding checklist is with your venue! Try to have your venue booked at least a year in advance, if possible. You won't have as many options available if you wait too long! Don't pay for anything (especially book dates with nonrefundable deposits) with other vendors until after you've booked the venue. The foundation of your wedding day rests on the site or place you choose to have the celebration. Be...


How to Automate Your RSVP Wedding Guest List


Automate Your RSVP Wedding Guest List

Today on The Bride link is all about RSVP wedding tips! We're going to show you how to automate collecting your wedding guest's addresses. Using this method will automatically populate your wedding guest list in an excel or google spreadsheet. Work smarter, not harder, and using this guide will help you save time and focus on other wedding planning duties. No need to ask for help from friends or family to organize your wedding guest list and addresses! Need more wedding tips and advice from an expert? Download our free Wedding Linens Layout Guide!

Getting Started

When you're ready to send your save the dates or invitations, having an organized wedding guest list already created will save you a tremendous amount of time. Our video highlights the simple steps needed to collect your addresses with perfect accuracy. It's effortless to gather the information, automatically puts it in a spreadsheet, and lets you access it any place and any time!...


Six Ways To Cure Your Post-Wedding Blues

Six Ways To Cure Your Post-Wedding Blues

First, you have a bridal shower followed by your engagement, bachelorette parties, your big wedding day, and then depression. Wait, what? Post-wedding blues are not uncommon. Although it is majorly seen in women, it can be seen among many other people too like parents, relatives, etc. . It is every girl’s dream to have a beautiful wedding as it is one of the remarkable and most memorable milestones of her life. 

With year-long planning, a series of various events ranging from cocktail parties, bridal showers, meanwhile meeting your best friends and your relatives, being the center of attention, and then suddenly realizing that your big day is over, it is pretty natural to feel low and depressed. More and more newlyweds are experiencing and anxious about it. At this unexpected low time after your wedding, when you feel that emptiness, we call post-wedding blues most of the time for weeks or maybe months. 


Why Do People...


Wedding Layout Advice


Wedding Layout Advice

Wedding layout tips today with The Bride Link! Your wedding floor plan should include both your reception layout and ceremony layout. Knowing your wedding venue and how much space you have to work is critical. Be sure to consider scale when using wedding layout templates! If not completed to scale, you'll have issues from the start! It's essential you know everything will fit in the actual space displayed on your hand-drawn or computer wedding layout. Grab a FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet, packed full of helpful tips and advice!

Let's review our wedding layout tips!

Know your venue: Before you can do the layout, you need to know where you're holding your wedding. This way, you know the dimensions and any adjustments that would need to happen. Make a to-scale bird's eye view map. Include all tables, chairs, and vendor setups in your floorplan and make everything to scale so you know it will fit!

Dance Floor: Plance the dance floor at center stage or...


Dealing With Someone Drunk at Wedding


How To Politely Ask A Guest To Leave Your Wedding

Today we're talking all about dealing with someone drunk at wedding. How do you politely tell a guest that they need to leave your wedding? Wedding security should be a concern for every couple as a problem can happen at any time. Emotions can run high, especially if there are bar services and alcohol, and a guest has become drunk at wedding. Family and friend dynamics complicate conversations, which can create demanding wedding guests and the need to remove someone from your wedding. Hopefully, this is something that you don't have to deal with, but if you're concerned, we're going to give you a few helpful tips to ask somebody to leave your wedding. To help separate any family members or guests, check out our Ceremony Cheat Sheet to help plan who stands where, when, and why!

1. Give hints that they need to calm down or suggest that they go somewhere else on the property.

Maybe they can go hang out in the lounge area where...


Kids In Wedding Ceremony


Wedding Ceremony With Kids

Let's chat about planning a wedding with kids! Kids in a wedding ceremony can be a challenge, but keeping these tips in mind will make things easier! Having kids in your wedding ceremony is always a gamble! Anytime you have a wedding with kids or kids in the wedding ceremony, you never know what they might do! Having your niece or nephew in a little flower girl dress or tuxedo is undeniable cute! But, the stress of knowing they might not make it down the aisle is giving you pause. Read on for planning tips to ease your concerns! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! A handy guide to planning your ceremony from start to finish, kids included!


1. Limit the number of small children included in your wedding party.

I know it seems adorable to have three flower girls and two ring bearers (all under the age of four) walk down the aisle, but odds are they're not going to make it. The fewer children you have, the less stress you'll...


Tips For Meeting With Your Wedding Florist


Choosing wedding flowers and a wedding florist is a big decision! When you meet with your wedding florist, it's critical to communicate essential details during your visit. Doing this ensures your wedding day flowers translates to how you envisioned them to be. Your wedding florist will work with you to find the best florals for your wedding day, along with planning the logistics. For even more help, download our free wedding Floral Cheat Sheet!


For now, here are our top 3 tips when meeting with your florist and choosing flowers for your wedding!


1. Budget

Sticking to your predetermined budget for wedding florals is essential! 

If you have a specific idea in mind for your bouquet, for example, but prefer a more simple centerpiece, make sure to ask your florist about what will work best according to your budget. Your florist knows which flowers are in season and where there is flexibility in creating your wedding day florals. 


2. Examples

For specific...


Wedding Hair and Makeup Explained


The wedding hair and makeup challenges every bridal party faces can be a tricky road to navigate. Hair and makeup for a wedding can be pricey, so having all your T's crossed and I's dotted before you book anyone and pay a deposit should be your priority. Bridal hair and makeup should be done by a professional or, at minimum, someone who's had experience with wedding parties. If wedding hair and makeup for your event are high on your must-have list, then be sure to allocate enough for pro services in your budget.

Trust us when we say, beauty services for your wedding need to happen efficiently and expertly, especially if you want that complete wedding experience. Use our easy to follow tips below and check out our FREE Clean-Up Fact Sheet! As the bride, the last thing you should worry about is where you left your phone, who packed your purse, and where all your other things are going. Let's get started!


1. Talk with your bridesmaids and wedding party about who...


How to Start Wedding Planning


Wedding Organization Advice

So, how to wedding planning? Couples search for this common phrase soon after they get engaged and need to plan a wedding. The best answer for how to plan a wedding starts with getting organized! But getting organized for wedding planning is more complicated than it sounds. Managing wedding planning duties takes practice, discipline, and research. Executing the perfect wedding is incredibly challenging, especially if you've never planned one before. But, with the right tools and motivation, you can do it!

We always recommend hiring a professional; the bride cannot also act as the coordinator. So, if you're looking for answers on how to start wedding planning, the first step is to decide who's going to help you. More specifically, who's your problem solver on the big day! Use these tips for getting organized and score your FREE copy of our Floral Cheat Sheet to help you on your way!


Let's talk about how to stay...


5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Perfectly

5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Flowers Perfectly

Flowers are one of the most iconic parts of your wedding, and getting them just perfect will help set the tone for a spectacular event. If you’re not very experienced in wedding planning, it may seem overwhelming, especially with all the different arrangements you’ll need. However, with the following tips, you’ll soon feel confident and ready to plan the wedding of your dreams.

  • Choose a vendor you trust

Finding a florist you feel confident working with is the first step in planning perfection. Even if they do fantastic work, it’s equally as important you feel comfortable chatting with them. Everyone wants something different from their wedding florist. You may need someone who will take the reins completely, or you may work better with someone who gives you creative control. Look for a personality and style match you can foster a good relationship with.

  • Know your vision (and budget)

Having a firm idea of...


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